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A trusted freelance writer with over three decades of industry experience.
Allow me to write meaningful content that gives voice to your business.
Meet Dan Swords
Combining exceptional writing and research skills to produce stimulating, brand-appropriate content for your business.

I am a dedicated, Chicago-based writer. In the past 30 years, my professional background has included running a successful blog, YouTube channel, social media accounts, as well as regularly producing written content for clients. In my spare time, I love to travel and look for the best foodtrucks in town. I am constantly looking for inspiration to fuel my personal writing endeavors such as my new project, Empty Nesters' Weekend Adventures. I specialize in a variety of different writing styles, industries, and subject matter such as technical writing, eBooks, and more.

Get In Touch
It all starts with a conversation. This is a little Get-to-Know each other type of conversation. Tell me about your business, business plans, and business goals. But it doesn't have to be all business, I'm sure you have topics that you'd like to talk about too - pets, family, favorite vacation spots, and hobbies. So be prepared, I ask lots of questions.